About Us

Reed Recording Comany is owned and operated by singer/songwriter/producer Andy Reed of Bay City, MI.  RRC is a full time analog/digital recording studio.  Using  modern and vintage gear,  RRC can get a "wide" variety of sounds.  We offer full band productions to singer/songwriters as well as mixing and mastering services.

Andy Reed Bio
  How does one write a bio about himself? It's just plain weird. The story is way too long. What should I leave out? Who else should I include?  I'm not looking forward to this but here it goes.
  I'm basically a 38 year old music fan that found a way to make a career out of something I absolutely love. Hey , not a bad start. I have a two year old little girl, an amazing wife who supports me, a sweet dog named Coco, and a recording studio that I started from scratch. Each day is an adventure and I never really know what is going to happen. But one thing is certain, I'm going to put my heart into every single stinking note I hear, record, or play. 
The Early Years
  I started music late . I purchased my first guitar when I was 18. By the time I was 21 my brother and I started a band called The Haskels. We really had no idea what we were doing but we had a great time doing it. We signed a small record deal and we had the pleasure of recording with Brendan Benson in his all analog home studio. This is where I initially got the recording bug. We traveled the country and didn't make a dime but that didn't matter. We cut our teeth. We learned what it took to make music with others. This was the perfect way to start the journey. 
  God bless my mom and dad. Not everyone would give their 23 year old kid who dropped out of college a $4000 loan to buy a Pro Tools recording setup. I think by then they knew I was going to figure out a way to make this music thing happen in some way, shape, or form. I started much earlier using a 4 track cassette recorder but now I was stepping into the world of production. I spent every second I had in the basement figuring out how to get sounds, write better songs, and hone the craft. Learning from my own mistakes on my own recordings was my best education. I spent 3 years doing this before I officially was hired to record another artist. I've been recording and producing other artists from all over the country for the past 11 years. This has become my thing and I love it. I literally cannot wait to go to work everyday. I'm lucky that I get to  say that. 
The Later Years - Today
  I had developed many relationships with some great people and some great musicians from the state of Michigan. The most vital was Donny Brown from the band The Verve Pipe. Donny took me under his wing early and helped me develop as an artist and a songwriter. Eventually he would become one of my greatest friends as well. I was asked to fill in on an east coast tour with TVP and was later asked to join the band. For four years I got to travel the world and play music with a great group of guys. 
  As far as songwriting, I've had a few outlets. Ive released a couple of solo records, a record under the title An American Underdog, and The Legal Matters.  I am still currently in The Legal Matters and I am still releasing records under my name.  Making my own records has always been something I completely love. It gave me the opportunity to play with some of the best musicians on the planet.  I have carved enough musical memories for a lifetime but I feel like this is just the beginning. As long as I'm able, I will keep making noise. That's all I really know how to do. 


Gear List


Vintech X73
Vintech 273
Universal Audio LA4 (2)
Trident A-Range Mic Pre/EQ (2)
Dizengoff D4 (REDD 47)
Focusrite ISA One (2)
Empirical Labs Distressor EL-8x
Summit Audio TLA-50
Warm Audio 1176
Warm Audio EQP-WA Pultec Style Tube EQ
Sans Amp RBI
BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer
T.C. Electronics M350
Son Of Kong DI


Peluso U47SE
Coles 4038
AKG D19c (2)
SE VR2 active ribbon (2)
Avantone CR-14 ribbon
Senn e905
Senn MD 421 (2)
Shure Beta 52
MXL 2001 (2)
MXL 604 (2)
SM 58
Beta 58
SM57 (3)


Epiphone Casino
Fender Telecasters (3)
Fender P-Bass
Epiphone 5120 Hollow Body Bass 
Yamaha FG-180
Epiphone 70s 12-string
Danville 6-string Banjo
Recording King Lap Steel
70s Rogers Drum Kit
Ludwig and Pearl Snares
Fender Excelsior Amp
Vox AC15
Alamo Montclair Reverb
Harmony Unknown Tube Amp
Fender Rumble Bass Amp


Pro Tools 12

assorted Universal Audio, Waves, Sonnox, Slate, Eiosis, PSP, Softube, East West, Audioease, Kush Audio, and many other plug ins


JBl LSR4328s
Presonus Central Station


Allen and Heath Mix Wizard


Universal Audio Apollo
MOTU 896 mkIII Hybrid