Recording music is something that is near and dear to me. Being a recording artist myself makes it easier for me to put myself in the shoes of whomever I'm working with.  I strive to treat each artist and song with their own custom treatment.  The songs can speak to us in so many different ways. It is important to have that conversation about where we want to go on this journey of recording.  I do my best to make each and every member of the ensemble as comfortable as they can be. This brings out the best performances.  I also want to make the studio an open, free, and creative space. Throwing ideas out in to the air creates a fun and inspiring session.  It also makes the record as unique as possible as only those in the room could've made that recording. 

  I have had 20 years of great memories working this way.  The results are there. The artists are happy and proud of their work. That's all that I could ask for.