WOW!   Reed Recording Company is officially 10 years old.  It has been a great decade of making records.  We have recorded and have been a part of over 100 releases since 2006. Thank you to all who have chosen RRC to document your art.  The first four artists we were working with at the time were Brett Mitchell, Kenny Stahl, Mandi Layne and the Lost Highway, and Temporary Limbs.   

WELCOME TO REED RECORDING COMPANY!!! RRC is a professional analog and digital recording studio owned and operated by Andy Reed in Bay City, MI. Contact us at any time with questions about the studio and booking information. (989) 450-6749 

OFFERING NEW PACKAGES FOR MIXING AND MASTERING.  If you have an album recorded and you would like us to put some finishing touches on it, feel free to contact us.


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